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Landmark Automation is a Louisville, KY based consulting company operating since 2001. We bring together years of experience in business development and technical expertise. We offer our services to a variety of clients of different size covering multiple industries. It is our business to understand your needs, enabling us to develop solutions that reflect and enhance your real world business requirements. Landmark Automation was founded on the premise of building long-term relationships and providing powerful results for our clients.

Winning in today's highly competitive global marketplace requires business processes and technical infrastructure that is fine-tuned to the unique requirements and processes of your business.

Landmark Automation, LLC is located at 14810 Landmark Drive - Louisville, KY. 40245.

You can reach us during our regular business hours - Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM - at 502-245-9243.

Our general e-mail address is Info@landmarkautomation.com

Our Managing Member is: David Wibbels - davew01@landmarkautomation.com

Vice President: Blanche Burton - Blanchebw@landmarkautomation.com

Director of Engineering: John Allison - Johnallison@landmarkautomation.com