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Our services are based on multiple delivery methods:

Consulting Services: We work with clients, on an as needed basis, to help solve their problems on the business and technology front. Our approach to service is different from the traditional consulting approach:

  • We work on a fixed price project basis
  • Price not to exceed basis, or
  • Hourly schedule

Retained Advisory Services: We work with Senior Management as retained - independent and trusted - Business or Technical advisors. 

Software Development:  We provide the following steps for software development:

  • Planning
  • Design, both specifications and architecture
  • Implementation, Testing, and Documentation
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Maintenance

Software Integration:  In many cases, third-party software may be the smartest and most cost-efficient solution for you. Landmark Automation can also help you select software that best serves your business needs. We can then help you with the complex process of integrating third-party software into your system smoothly and cost-efficiently.